10 Ways To Improve Your Caravan Security

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Caravan holidays have surged in popularity since 2020, when staycations became all the rage thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Bolstered by global supply chain issues, the value of second-hand caravans has exploded — which means caravan thefts are also on the rise.

According to the Crime Prevention website, 1 in every 179 caravans is stolen. Caravans are at risk whether you store them on your drive or in a remote storage unit. So it’s essential that you put the right security in place to prevent break-ins and theft.

Here are our 10 top tips for improving caravan security.

1. Keep valuables out of sight

Stealing valuable items — such as TVs, laptops, and phones — is much easier than stealing a whole caravan. So when opportunists lurk, they may break into your caravan or motorhome and take your belongings.

The best way to avoid this is to keep your valuables out of sight whenever you’re not using them. At night, try to lock your valuables away. Definitely don’t keep them in your car or awning overnight.

2. Stay at official campsites only

Registered campsites are more likely to have their own security measures in place, such as security lights and cameras, which may be useful in the event of a theft or break-in. So it makes sense to stay at official campsites and caravan parks where visitors and other campers are logged.

Even in countries or areas where wild camping is legal, from a security perspective, it’s much better to stay in a well-established campsite where other people are often around.

3. Upgrade your door and window locks — and use them

Some locks are easy to cut through with a pair of decent boltcutters. Bolster your defences with an upgraded lock system. You can apply these to caravan doors and windows, making it much harder for thieves to access your vehicle.

Once these are installed, don’t forget to use them. It might sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget to lock up your caravan after a couple of beers, or be tempted to leave the window open on a hot night. If you don’t lock your caravan, you might also find that your insurance doesn’t cover any resulting thefts or losses.

4. Use a secure hitchlock

When it comes to caravan security, prevention is better than cure. Consider using a hitchlock to prevent your caravan being towed away by thieves. Hitchlocks are designed to prevent anyone from lifting the hitch handle of your caravan and inserting a tow ball into the hitch head.

If you keep your caravan outside (either on your driveway or on a campsite) it’s worth investing in a high-grade hitchlock.

5. Fit a wheel lock

A wheel lock is another security measure that can prevent unwanted towaways. Wheel locks and wheel clamps come in a variety of designs and sizes, so make sure you choose the right one for your caravan.

Bulky wheel locks can be a pain to attach, so smaller caravans may work best with a more lightweight option. However, lightweight options are often less secure for large or heavy caravans. Get advice from a reputable dealer on the best wheel lock for your vehicle.

6. Install an alarm and security light

Modern caravan security lights and alarm systems are much more affordable than they used to be. Even cheaper systems can deter thieves, so this is a low-cost way to add visible (and audible) security to your caravan.

Smart security lights and alarms can also be monitored remotely, providing you have a caravan WiFi connection. This is ideal if you want to keep an eye on a remotely-stored caravan.

7. Install a parking post or barrier

If you store your caravan on your driveway, a parking post or barrier can prevent quick thefts. These security bollards are increasingly popular for owners of high-value vehicles like sports cars and classic cars, as well as caravans and motorhomes.

Smart parking posts you can control using a connected app or fob are growing in popularity thanks to their ease of use. But manual foldable parking posts are just as effective for deterring would-be caravan thieves.

8. Install a caravan tracker

If your caravan is stolen, your best bet for getting it back is with a caravan tracker. Caravan trackers are used by police forces to locate stolen caravans, so they’re an excellent way to upgrade your caravan security. Tracker claims to recover 95% of stolen caravans with its caravan tracking device.

They use high frequency technology to allow authorities to locate a caravan or motorhome if it’s stolen. The best caravan trackers have their own power source, so they work even if there’s no power to your caravan.

9. Make sure your insurance is up-to-date

If you’ve recently upgraded your caravan, or you’re planning to take any high-value goods on your next caravan trip, it’s important to check your insurance covers everything. Updating your policy only takes a few minutes, and it’s sure to save you a lot of money in the event that your valuables — or your vehicle — are stolen.

10. Invest in high-grade caravan CCTV

Vehicle and property crime decreases by 14% in areas with visible CCTV — so installing caravan CCTV is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle safe. It acts as a deterrent, and helps police identify and locate the criminals involved.

The best caravan CCTV systems allow you to monitor your vehicle remotely via smart security cameras. The best way to set this up is by installing a fast, reliable WiFi router for your caravan like the Maxview Roam. The Roam has a 5G-ready antenna, so you can get the fastest internet speeds for working, streaming, and video calling, as well as monitoring your caravan remotely.

Use caravan CCTV to improve your caravan security

Thinking about installing CCTV for your caravan or motorhome? Find out everything you need to know in our caravan CCTV FAQs.

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