Can I Get Netflix In My Campervan? Motorhome Streaming and TV FAQs Answered

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There’s nothing like hunkering down in your campervan or caravan and watching your favourite film or box set. The good news is that it’s easy to get Netflix in your campervan, motorhome, or caravan. So with streaming services now more accessible than ever, you’ll want to make sure you have a reliable WiFi connection or satellite service in your motorhome.

Find out everything you need to know about TV and streaming setup in your motorhome.

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Motorhome TV FAQs

Can I put a smart TV in my motorhome?

Yes — there are a number of portable smart TVs available on the market. These typically cost anywhere from £150.00 to £200.00. If you have a motorhome WiFi connection, smart TVs allow you to stream programs without extra accessories like Chromecasts or mobile phones.

What’s the difference between Freeview and Freesat?

Freeview and Freesat enable you to watch terrestrial channels, such as BBC1, BBC2, ITV, and Channel 4. The difference is that Freesat requires a satellite dish to access these channels, while Freeview uses an aerial. Both can be installed in a campervan or motorhome. Freeview includes all free-to-air channels, while there may be some channel exclusions with Freesat.

When should I use a TV signal booster?

If you’re experiencing disruption when watching Freeview through an aerial, you can use a TV signal booster to enhance the aerial signal. This should minimise viewing disruption in remote areas (but can also work in your home, if needed).

What can I do to get good sound quality from my motorhome smart TV?

Smart TVs have notoriously poor built-in sound systems — especially portable motorhome-sized ones. The best way to improve your sound quality is to use a wireless Bluetooth speaker or soundbar. You can charge it with a standard powerpack, so it’s ready for when you want to watch TV.

Motorhome streaming FAQs

What’s the best way to stream in a campervan?

For many people, streaming is the go-to option for watching TV. However, to stream, you’ll need a 3G, 4G, or WiFi connection. 3G services aren’t always strong enough for uninterrupted video streaming. The most reliable, cost-effective way to stream in a motorhome is with a purpose-built WiFi router.

Can I get Netflix in my campervan or motorhome?

Yes — get Netflix in your campervan by downloading the app onto your smart TV, or accessing it with a Chromecast or Firestick. Other people set up mirroring on their phone, though this will use up significant amounts of phone data.

What other streaming services can I get in my motorhome?

You can download most major streaming services onto almost any smart TV, including portable motorhome TVs. This includes Now TV, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+.

How well do Chromecasts and Firesticks work in a campervan?

Chromecasts and Firesticks are a good way to stream if you don’t have the app downloaded on your smart TV. Simply download the streaming service app on your phone, link it to your Chromecast or Firestick, and choose the programme you want to watch.

Your TV will need an HDMI port, and you’ll need an external power source for the Chromecast or Firestick itself (a phone charging battery pack usually works well).

How much data does streaming use?

HD video uses between 0.9GB and 1.5GB per hour — so watching a film using phone data could use up your data for the entire month. That’s why it’s important to use a WiFi router that connects to and amplifies local WiFi networks in your campervan or motorhome.

How easy is it to set up a WiFi router on a campervan?

Installing Maxview’s WiFi router is easy — you can do it yourself by following these instructions. Alternatively, find a motorhome WiFi router installer to set your router up on your behalf.

Motorhome satellite FAQs

Should I use satellite or WiFi to watch TV in my motorhome?

It depends which services or channels you want to watch. For streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Now TV, and BBC iPlayer, you need a WiFi connection to stream video.

However, if you want Sky channels or BT Sport, you’ll need to install a satellite dish. Use our satellite system selector to find out which satellite dish will work best for your motorhome.

Can I get Sky Q in my campervan or motorhome?

Yes — but you’ll need a Sky Q subscription and a compatible satellite dish. We can upgrade your existing Maxview satellite to be Sky Q compatible with our Low Noise Block (LNB) add-on. Find out more about getting Sky Q in your campervan or motorhome.

How easy is it to set up a satellite dish on a campervan?

Most campervan satellites come with DIY installation. However, because they must be fixed to the roof of your motorhome, they do require a little setup time. Browse our range of roof-mounted satellite options for campervans and motorhomes, and find out how to use them.

More motorhome technology FAQs

If you still have questions about how to set up your smart TV, WiFi, or streaming service like Netflix in your campervan, send us an email. We’ll answer any queries you have, so you can get uninterrupted streaming access wherever you go.

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