Choosing the right TV Wall Mount for you…

TV wall mount

To begin, who are OMP?

OMP is a sub brand of Maxview that offers quality TV mount solutions for the trade. Suppling specialist TV mount wholesalers and installers.

Combined resources helps achieve innovative and high quality products which are created using quality materials and robust manufacture processes.

OMP offers an extensive specialised range of designs to suits all environments from professional to corporate installations through to your home and caravan!

There are various types of TV mounts, each equipped with unique features depending on your application, size and weight of your TV screen. So whether you’re looking to fit a small or the biggest screen you can find there’s a mounting solution that’s right for you!

Mounting TV’s onto walls is a great way to save space in any room. It can also offer versatility providing a sleek and tidy look to your space. However before you buy a TV mount you need to consider the position of the TV and your ultimate viewing position. Consider window light and if you’re TV needs to be tilted away from glare. Do you just want a central flush installation or perhaps need to rotate between a kitchen and dining room for the ultimate open living?

Choosing the right TV Wall Mount for you…

What are the different types of TV Wall Mounts?

Fixed TV Wall Mount
The simplest TV mount solution is the “Fixed”. Fixed Wall Mounts are sturdy and strong, but offer no screen movement. Fixed TV Mounts will not move in any direction up or down, left or right. You can’t adjust the screen angle according to your sitting, slouching or laying position. This type of bracket is ideal for a no fuss application especially for a neat and tidy cables.

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Tilt TV Wall Mount

Tilt TV Wall Mounts are very similar to fixed brackets but they allow the TV to Tilt. Depending on the model of TV mount will determine the tilt adjustment angle. Choosing a tilt bracket gives you the flexibility to change your TV position providing the optimum view of the TV. This can benefit viewing angles if the TV is mounted high on a wall or if you are using your TV in a bedroom when the viewing angle is lower.

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Cantilever TV Wall Mount

Cantilever TV Wall Mounts are sometimes called full motion or articulating TV mounts. This is because they do just that! Cantilever TV mounts can benefit all applications and provide the most versatility. They allow the TV to extend, tilt and swivel. Accessing your TV’s ports and cables are also easier with cantilever brackets.

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We offer a TV Wall Mount designed specifically for a range of vehicles it makes an ideal caravan TV Wall Mount and motorhome TV Wall Mount. 

This is called a quick release bracket. This is because the plate simply lifts away from the bracket for easy removal. Allowing the TV to be stored for safety and security. So that you can easily move your TV to another room or position within the vehicle, we offer an additional fixing point (sold separately). You just simply transfer your bracket with your TV onto the additional point. For instance, you can have a fixing point in your bedroom and one in the living area and move the TV accordingly.

Designed in the UK it also comes complete with a unique lock and pin. The spring loaded locking catch, locks the bracket in place which keeps the TV stable during travel. In addition, as standard our bracket also offers 3 arm extensions. This ensures the perfect length for your viewing angle. Simply add or remove arm/s to suit your application.

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Caravan TV Bracket


Can I install a TV over a fireplace?
This is definitely not recommended. Do not install a TV over a fireplace – heat and electronics don’t mix!!

How can I be sure of a safe installation?
OMP TV mounts come with a selection of fasteners to suit your application. It is important to ensure that you use the correct fasteners to the type of your wall that you will be installing to. It is also important to know that all OMP TV Mounts are VSEA compliant.

What is the VESA Standard?
Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is a standard that is used for TV mounts. It is important that your TV (which most are) and TV mount are complaint.

How do you determine your TV mount size/VESA Size?
On the back of your TV, there should be 4 mounting holes, the VESA size is the distance in mm horizontally x distance in mm vertically. Your VESA size will also depend on the screen size of your TV.

How do you know your TV VESA size?
Your TV manual should list this information, but it’s easy to measure. Simply measure the distance in mm horizontally x distance in mm vertically. See diagram below

How do I know if a TV mount is compatible with my TV?
Firstly you need to check the VESA size. Once this is confirmed it’s good to check the weight of your TV and that the mount supports the weight. All OMP brackets have the maximum load weight, as well as a size guide on the front of the box and highlighted in symbols like these…

Do all TV Mounts fit all TV’s?
Not every mount will be compatible with every TV. So thinking that a new TV will fit onto an existing bracket would need to be checked. This question goes back to ensuring the correct VESA size for your TV against your TV mount.

In summary

OMP for

  • Safe AV solutions
  • Quality
  • Unique features
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  • Performance

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