How Can I Get WiFi In My Garden Office?

Garden office wifi

How Can I Get WiFi In My Garden Office?

More and more clients want to know how to get an internet connection to a garden office or shed because garden buildings are increasingly being utilised as home Garden Offices. To connect to the internet from your garden office, you may be wondering if you can extend Wi-Fi to your garden. Wi-Fi signals from home internet routers are often too weak or not strong enough to reach as far as the garden, making it impossible to get any work done. If this is the case, there are several choices at your disposal.

Maxview Roam

What is the best option when your internet is too weak to reach your garden shed or office, and a WiFi extender (we cover these later in the article) still doesn’t provide a usable signal?

Running powerlines and ethernet cables are other options, but not many people want to dig up the lawn and returf, especially if the location is down at the end of a long garden; that’s a tremendous amount of work. In any case, you might not have a lawn to dig up; what if you have gravel, bark chippings, slate chippings, faux grass, or decking?

The Maxview Roam uses a robust antenna and router to provide internet access to the location of choice.

There are two ways the Roam provides stronger signals for better internet.

First, the Roam uses 3G or 4G mobile data to build a reliable WiFi hotspot. Because of the antenna, the Roam will pick up signals in areas where your mobile phone cannot.

Second, if you have access to a direct WiFi source, you can utilise the Roam to connect to an existing WiFi hotspot. Having this option ensures that you need only use data from the SIM card when absolutely necessary.

Technical Features Of Maxview Roam

The router receives 3G or 4G data and converts it into a wifi hotspot.

Second, the router can connect to various wifi providers, allowing you to use 3G or 4G only when necessary.

Because the antenna is omnidirectional, no manual adjustments are required. The router features two Ethernet ports that allow you to connect to a device directly.

How do I Install the Maxview Roam on my Garden Office?

Depending on what material your roof is, the Roam comes with an M3 sticky pad as standard. If your roof is not suitable for this pad, we recommend the Roam Bracket Fixing Kit.

WiFi Extender

As the name implies, it connects to your existing Wi-Fi network and extends the signal. This creates a bridge or hot spot between your main Wi-Fi router and the building you want to connect to your network from.

Wi-Fi extenders are only suitable for a short distance (around 30m). If your location is more than that, you may need more repeaters. Remember this, though; the signal gets weaker the farther it has to travel.

What if my Garden Office has Metal Walls?

Metal is the most difficult substance to penetrate because it conducts electricity. What is the connection between power and WiFi? Radio waves are electromagnetic, which means the metal can absorb them. Metal objects, such as metal blinds, doors, and walls, can significantly reduce or eliminate the WiFi signal.

Finally – How Much Data Do I Need To Work From Home In My Garden Office?

Do you know how much data you use when using your sim card? If you’re going to use the internet in your garden office and need to purchase a data plan, it’s an excellent idea to approximate your data needs, so you don’t run out halfway through the month. There’s a handy mobile data calculator to help you work out how much data you need for internet browsing and sending emails etc., or if you’re a heavy user and you stream via platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube.

Could I also get a TV in my Garden Office?

To watch digital terrestrial TV, you need an aerial. It can be built-in, inside or outside. If we assume you don’t want to go to the trouble of fitting an outdoor aerial to your garden office, you’ll need an indoor aerial. For indoor TV, we have a high-performance and reliable directional set-top aerial. You can use the built-in pivot to position the indoor TV aerial to receive both horizontal and vertical TV signals.

Truvision Indoor TV Aerial

  • Receives all available digital and HD TV channels
  • Includes a 2m cable for easy and flexible positioning
  • Straightforward set-up in Minutes
  • Designed and developed in the UK
  • For strong to medium signal areas
  • One year guarantee

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