Guide To Smart TVs For Caravans, Campervans & Motorhomes

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Looking for a new smart TV for your caravan, campervan, or motorhome? Find out all the essential things you should look for when choosing a smart TV, including:

  • essential features for a caravan smart TV
  • additional features you might want to consider
  • the best smart TV size for your caravan
  • how to keep your caravan TV safe and secure.

What does your caravan smart TV need?

When deciding to get a smart TV for your caravan, campervan, or motorhome, there are really only 2 essential features you need:

  • A power supply
  • A WiFi connection

Without WiFi, you just have a regular TV. And without power, you don’t even have that. So what are your options?

Power supply

Most caravan smart TVs come with a 12v power outlet you can plug in to your caravan or motorhome. These devices run off your vehicle’s battery, so they’re ideal if you’ll be staying on sites that don’t offer electricity hook-ups.

Some smart TVs give you the flexibility to adjust the voltage depending on what amenities you have access to. Canal boats, for instance, often have 240v power outlets, but many people want to watch a smaller 12v smart TV to save space. Installers accommodate this by using a power inverter so you can run 12v devices from your boat’s power outlet.

WiFi access

To take advantage of all the features of your smart TV, you’ll need a fast, reliable internet connection.

There are several options for setting up WiFi in your campervan, caravan or motorhome. But the most reliable choice is a purpose-built caravan WiFi router. This router works by amplifying local 3G, 4G, and WiFi signals, so you’ll always have internet access, no matter where you travel.

Learn more about setting up the internet in your caravan.

What to consider when choosing a smart TV for your vehicle

Power and WiFi are the essentials for any caravan smart TV. But they’re not the only things to consider. Before you buy, you should also think about:

  • Type of programming — do you want to watch live TV, Freeview, Sky, streaming services, or DVDs and Blu-Rays?
  • Size — will your smart TV fit comfortably in your space?
  • Security — how will you keep your TV and caravan secure overnight?
  • Sound system — will you listen through your TV speakers, or do you want enhanced audio?

Deciding on these features will help you choose the right smart TV for your caravan, campervan, or motorhome.

What will you watch on your caravan smart TV?

You’ll need different equipment depending on the type of TV you want to watch in your caravan or motorhome.

Netflix and other streaming services — what you need

  • A valid account for the streaming service you want to watch
  • Fast, reliable WiFi
  • A Chromecast or Fire Stick (if you don’t have a smart TV)

Find out everything else you need to know about streaming in our motorhome streaming FAQs.

Sky and other satellite services — what you need

  • A valid Sky or Sky Q account
  • A roof-mounted or freestanding satellite dish

Use our satellite system selector to find the right satellite for you, then see our satellite installation guide for caravans to get set up.

Freeview and live TV — what you need

Learn more about watching Freeview and free-to-air TV in your vehicle

DVDs and Blu-Rays — what you need

  • A DVD or Blu-Ray player
  • An HDMI-HDMI lead or composite cable to connect your player to the TV.

What’s the best size smart TV for a caravan?

Caravans and motorhomes may be getting bigger — but they’re still not quite spacious enough for a 50-inch screen. You need to use space efficiently, while still getting a TV that gives you an immersive experience. So what screen size works well in a caravan?

Generally, it’s best to choose a TV no bigger than 32 inches — and this is in larger caravan models. Most caravans are best suited for smart TVs around 19”-24”.

Caravan smart TV safety and security

Security is extremely important for caravan owners in 2022. Recreational vehicles have gone up in value in recent years, so they’re more of a target for criminals. And having expensive equipment on show can make them an even more enticing prospect.

Mounting your TV makes it much more difficult to remove your TV (either by criminals or in transit). Take a look at our vehicle TV mounts to find the right option for your space.

You can also install caravan CCTV and/or a motorhome alarm system to make sure your vehicle is well-protected.

Read these 10 ways to improve your caravan security for more motorhome security tips.

Sound systems for smart TVs

Sound bars provide a cost-effective way to enhance the sound quality from your smart TV. Most TVs have notoriously poor in-built speakers, so this is a must for anyone looking to create a genuinely immersive experience in their caravan TV setup. However, if you’re looking for a smart TV with high-quality integrated speakers, then look no further than Alphatronics! With their new SLA-Line smart TV, which has a built-in DVD player and soundbar, you’re able to watch tv with outstanding image and sound quality.

How to protect your caravan smart TV in transit

If you mount your TV using a sturdy bracket or mount, you may not need to do anything to protect your TV when touring or driving. This quick-release TV bracket is extremely sturdy, so it’s popular with many motorhome drivers.

But if you want extra peace of mind, you can buy padded carry cases to store your TV when you’re on the move.

Do you need a TV licence for a caravan?

If you already have a TV licence for your home, your caravan, motorhome or campervan is also covered by this. However, this is only valid as long as nobody is watching TV at your home address at the same time. So if you have a housesitter, you may need to buy an additional licence.

Are you unsure about the sizing of a TV or you just can’t find the one that’s right for you?

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When you’ve chosen the right smart TV for your caravan, campervan, or motorhome, make sure you have everything you need to complete your smart TV setup.

Shop our selection of caravan TV accessories for more:

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12v Smart TVs for Motorhome, Caravan and Campervans

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