How to get WiFi in your Horsebox

Horsebox Wifi

How to get WiFi in your Horsebox

The internet has fast become a necessity to our daily lives. From checking the weather to researching your equestrian event or planning your route is part of any time way in your horsebox.

Many of us also like to keep up to date with family and friends through social media and emails. Not forgetting entertainment, rest and relax and watch a film or your favorite Netflix series after a busy day competing. Or simply catching up on the press coverage from your event.

Upgrading to horsebox internet is a lifesaver. However, you are likely wondering: how do you actually get WiFi in your horsebox?

Well, this article will discuss exactly that.

So, how do you get horsebox internet?

Without a reliable connection, you’ll struggle, especially in rural areas, which, let’s face it, a lot of equestrian events are held… So, below you will find various ways to set up your internet on the go, from the popular Maxview Roam WiFi kit to a custom router and antenna – here’s what you need to know.

Maxview Roam Horsebox WiFi Solution

The number one horsebox internet solution is the Maxview Roam.

The Roam uses a powerful antenna and a 4G router which provides your Horsebox Wifi

The Roam helps you to get better internet in two ways.

Firstly the Roam uses 3G or 4G mobile data in order to create a reliable WiFi hotspot. By using the antenna it can often pick up usable signals where your phone can’t.

Secondly where a direct WiFi source is available the Roam can be used to connect to an existing WiFi hotspot. Ensuring data is only used when necessary.

The Roam kit also has a companion app to help you set up your router and track your data.

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MiFi for Horsebox

Many people are familiar with MiFi – the wireless router that acts as a hotspot for your mobile phone. And while it is a step up from hot-spotting your phone directly, there are still several disadvantages that make it far from the best option for your Horsebox WiFi.


● No companion app

● Not the best signal (especially in low signal areas)

● Worries about battery life

● Not suitable for multiple users

● Your choice of router determines whether it’s rated for use in moving vehicles

It is worth mentioning that there are ethernet port connections, allowing you to obtain a stronger, more reliable signal on your television, laptop, or other compatible devices.

Phone Hotspot

Another option of acquiring horsebox internet is a phone hotspot. However, while this is easy to set up and good for streaming movies with ease, there are several disadvantages you should be wary of:

● Battery drains quickly when streaming and more so when hotspotting

● You will not receive a strong connection in low-signal areas

● Not the best option for multiple users – this can be slow, and you’ll burn through data quickly

● No ethernet port connections for laptops or TVs

● Not rated for use in moving vehicles

● No multi-network sim included (poor signal connection) As you can see, while a phone hotspot is fairly effortless to set up, it is far from the best Horsebox internet option.

Custom Router and Antenna kit

Finally, another option for obtaining Horsebox WiFi is a custom router and antenna kit. And while this may seem like a good idea, it presents numerous issues, too.

For example:

● It’s difficult to set up

● No companion app

● A lot of research to find a suitable setup – At Maxview we have done this research for you and tested many routers and antennas to save you a lot of time.

It’s worth noting that your choice of router will determine whether this set up is rated for use in moving vehicles. Furthermore, there are similar, better, and more reliable options, including the previously mentioned Maxview Roam.

To conclude

There are many different ways to get Horsebox internet. However, many of these options present several disadvantages that make them not the best option.

The Maxview Roam is by far the best 4G WiFi router for your Horsebox, providing you with a strong and reliable signal, no worries about battery life, a companion app to help manage APN configuration, and much, much more!

Take a look at the Maxview Roam today – the best solution for connecting your Horsebox to the internet.

These are just a handful of the horsebox manufacturers we work with throughout the UK.

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