What is an Automatic Skew LNB and do I need it?

Skew LNB

What is an Automatic Skew LNB and do I need it? 

Sounds scary? It really isn’t but when you are looking to purchase a new satellite system it’s not surprising that many customers feel bombarded with questions they don’t really understand. So we have put together this simple blog to explain automatic LNB skew, what it is and why you might need it.

What is Automatic LNB Skew?

Firstly Automatic Skew is sometimes known as AUTO SKEW or SKEW LNB, so Auto Skew or Skew LNB are the same thing. Automatic Skew means that you don’t need to climb onto your vehicles roof to adjust the LNB Skew. Instead the Skew automatically rotates the LNB to maximise satellite reception. This is a necessary addition when travelling at the edge of your chosen satellite footprint.

What is a footprint?

A footprint is the area in which a broadcast signal from a particular satellite can be received. You can read more about this in our satellite footprint guide.

Why do I need it?

When travelling further afield, it is necessary to rotate the LNB to compensate for the polarisation deviation or skew angle caused by the curvature of the earth. This is done to optimise picture quality allowing you to watch TV on the fringe areas of the satellite footprint.

Please note: If your travels will be limited to the United Kingdom, Automatic Skew is not necessary.

LNB Skew

Who is it for?

If you plan to travel into Southern Europe, to places such as the South of France. We would recommend you consider the addition of a Skew LNB which will allow you to receive your favourite channels further from home. For UK channels (which allows you to receive typical channels such as BBC, ITV, CHANNEL 4 ETC), we require the Astra 2 satellite. You will need Auto Skew if you want to receive Astra 2 further into Southern Europe.

Which Satellite System is best for me?

To discover which satellite system will give you the best satellite TV solution for your requirements and budget. Please see our Roof Mounted Satellite Guide

We have a range of Satellite Systems for every location and budget. Providing you with a system that will quickly and easily lock onto the satellite. Then, when you arrive on site you can get your favourite programmes and many more! Best of all you can receive all mainstream UK TV channels. Including BBC and ITV when you travel further into parts of Southern Europe once you have Skew LNB. 

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