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Maxview Gazelle Pro

What does it do?

The Gazelle Pro is an omni directional caravan aerial and motorhome aerial. It is also suitable for horseboxes and a range of other applications including HGV’S and trucks.

In addition, our Gazelle Pro is available in grey or white to suit your application.

A competent DIYer could install our omni directional antenna, although we would always recommend a professional installer to do so.

Where will it Work?

Our Gazelle Pro aerial is perfect for use in the UK and is our best selling aerial in mainland Europe.

Who is it for?

Anyone that needs TV reception for a range of vehicles.

For instance, it is an ideal caravan aerial and motorhome TV aerial. It is also a perfect campervan aerial and a popular aerial for horseboxes and trucks.

Main Technical Details

  • The antenna receives signals throughout 360 degrees. This means that no manual adjustment is needed.
  • Compact size occupies minimal roof space
  • Low profile and sleek design
  • The variable signal booster allows you to adjust the signal strength. This means that it is perfect for both high and low signal strength areas.
  • High performance.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Designed in the UK, and also with a 2 year guarantee.

What are the contents of the Gazelle Pro Caravan Aerial?

  • Aerial Head Unit
  • Mounting Foot, seal and integrated 5m Coaxial Cable
  • Clamping Tool
  • 1m F to Coaxial Flylead
  • Variable Signal Booster
  • Roof Mounting Kit and Fixings
  • F Connector and Instructions

For Caravan and Motorhome TV Aerials – Why Maxview?

We have been manufacturing for over 55 years. Above all, we have one aim, ‘to make receiving TV as simple as it can be.

We also have a friendly customer services team with a wealth of knowledge. So from product selection through to product installation and technical support we are always on hand to help.

In addition, we care passionately about all of our products and our service to you!

Because, if you are looking for a caravan aerial, motorhome aerial. Or perhaps an aerial for your truck or horsebox. We have a specially designed our system for you!

Product Highlights


By receiving signals through 360 degrees, the
Gazelle Pro requires no manual directional alignment
for effortless use. Simply re-scan and watch TV.

Sleek Aerodynamic Design

The low profile and streamline design not only
makes the Gazelle look great, but also offers
aerodynamic benefits when travelling.

Compact Roof Mounting

The compact size occupies minimal roof space,
allowing it to be mounted in almost any position.

Variable Signal Booster

2 outputs and adjustable gain control from 0-19dB
allows the user to maximise signal in both high
and low signal strength areas.

Simple Effective Installation

The unique mounting foot is bonded to the roof using
a hybrid adhesive sealant. It is then further secure using
a clamping tool inside the vehicle. The head unit is then
affixed using 4 screws, with an internal EPDM seal to
create a watertight fit.

    • Easy Aerial Head Unit Installation and Removal – An integrated push fit
      connector allows the aerial head unit to be connected and disconnected
      quickly and conveniently.
    • Optional Foot Clamp – Overcomes the need for fixings into the roof when
      used with a wet seal and offers a tidy cable entry point inside the vehicle.
    • Receives all available digital terrestrial TV and radio signals without any alignment
    • Designed and tested for outdoor use
    • High quality, durable and robust construction
    • Designed in the UK
    • 2 year guarantee
  • Compatibility: SD, HD, 3D and 4K TV, FM and DAB radio
    Frequency Range: Wideband for UHF TV and VHF radio
    Gain: Up to 19dB with Variable Signal Booster (included)
    Power: 12/24V or 230V to power Variable Signal Booster (subject to variant)
    Mounting: Fixed using flexible adhesive sealant or the EPDM seal and screws provided
    Housing: White – UV Stable Injection Moulded ABS plastic
    Aerial Height: 14.5cm
    Foot dimensions: 10.4cm x 19cm
    Aerial Weight: 1.1kg


    • Aerial Head Unit
    • Mounting Foot with Integrated 5 Metre Coaxial Cable
    • Clamping Tool
    • 1m F to Coaxial Flylead
    • Variable Signal Booster and Fused Power Lead
    • 230V Transformer (B2345 Variant Only)
    • Roof Mounting Kit and Fixings
    • F Connector
    • Instructions

    Caravan Aerial, Motorhome Tv Aerial
    Gazelle Pro (MK2) – Mobile TV Aerial
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