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Eazy Breeze – Keeping Cool at Night

Keeping cool at night – The Eazy Breeze bracket provides an alternative to expensive air con and noisy fans. Relying on basic scientific principles to improve bedroom cooling at night.

Eazy Breeze allows an organic flow of fresh, cooler, outside air into any hot room whilst keeping curtains or blinds closed. Ideal for hot and humid summers.

No electricity required!

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Simply clamp the Eazy Breeze onto a Window Sill and cover the bracket with the curtains/blinds. See video demonstration below:

When air inside your hot bedroom is heated, it rises to create a gap at the bottom of the room so cold air can then fill that gap but if the curtains are closed then the cold air cannot enter.

Bedrooms are hot at night because they are usually on the top floor, so all the heat from the house gathers on the upper floor. In the UK houses are insulated to keep heat in, which is critical in winter, but not in summer.

We understand that air con is a good solution but expensive for the short period of time you will likely use it. Therefore you could get a fan, but often they are noisy and only serve to blow hot air around the room.

The ultimate solution is to allow the breeze to fill the room once the temperature drops at night. But the only problem there is that the sun comes up at 4am which is very hard to ignore.

So we came up with the solution to create a gap between the curtains and the window to allow a path for the cold air to enter the room. It’s simple but it works. Not all solutions need to have a quantum computer in them!

It is well known that fans do not reduce the temperature of a room. Rather they can make it feel slightly cooler by creating a wind chill effect, but we’ve all been there where a fan is simply blowing hot air around the room. We need to reduce the temperature of the room!


The hot air will rise to the top of the room, so it would be difficult to get it out of the room. But what you can do is allow cold air into the room.

Creating a gap between the window and the curtains, and leaving the window open, this allows cold air from outside to flow into the lower space of the room now created by the risen hot air.


It’s possible, and really not that hard. The Eazy Breeze bracket will surprise you at how something so simple can be so effective.


If the cold air can enter your room, without the need to open curtains. Your room will cool down and you won’t be woken up by the sun at 4am in the morning! Give it a try, you will not regret it.



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Product Highlights

Universal Sill Clamp

Designed to fit all 13-40mm standard window sills

Pivot with lock

Allows you to adjust bracket arms to desired angle
and fix into place.

Telescopic Arms

Allows the Eazy Breeze to be packed up away neatly
when not in use.

    • No power required
    • No noise generated
    • Folds away flat for easy storage
    • Easy to clamp onto most window sills
    • Helps reduce flies, gnats and other insects entering the room whilst windows are open
    • Universal application, can be used in any room
    • High quality ASA plastic and aluminium construction
    • 1 year guarantee
    • Designed in the UK
    • Patent Pending Design
  • Compatibility: Suitable for all 13 – 40mm Window Sills
    Weight: 294g

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    • Eazy Breeze Bracket

    Eazy Breeze – Keeping Cool at Night