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With so many different types of satellite systems to choose from it can be confusing to understand what the best option is for your requirements. Use our Satellite Selector for further assistance.

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Mobile TV Aerial
Mobile TV Aerial Kit – 14 Element

What Does it do?

Our range of Directional Leisure Mobile TV Aerials offer uncompromised performance without the need for a permanent through-the-roof installation. We offer an aerial only or a kit version. The kit contains the aerial, mast, clamp and coaxial cable. Everything you need to mount the aerial and route to a TV.

Where Will the Mobile TV Aerial Work?

Because, Digital Terrestrial TV signals in general, are now much stronger. This aerial would be sufficient in most parts of the UK.

In addition, when travelling in your caravan or motorhome, we would strongly recommend our TV signal finder as you would need to align the mobile TV aerial in each location.

Without a digital TV signal finder you can sometimes find a rough position that you can get a picture. Often you can copy the direction of others around. However, when looking for a digital signal, using this method would often result in your picture breaking up and freezing. Importantly, the TV signal finder makes it much easier to accurately adjust for maximum signal.

Main Details

  • Receives all available digital terrestrial TV signals
  • Designed and tested for outdoor use
  • High quality, durable and robust construction
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 1 year guarantee

What are the contents?

  • Directional Aerial
  • Vehicle Side Mast with Integrated Mast Adaptor
  • Clamp
  • Clamp Adhesive Pads
  • Fixing Screws
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Coaxial Connector
  • Instructions

FAQS For Mobile TV Aerial

Can I watch Freeview?

You will need a suitable TV, you will require a TV with integrated Freeview, or separate Freeview Box (if your TV hasn’t got one integrated) to enable you to watch digital/HD terrestrial TV.

Most TV’s do now come with an integrated Freeview as standard. Please make sure it’s “Freeview” compatible and not “Freesat”. Freesat is for use with a satellite system installation.

All of our aerials are HD compatible. If your tuner or receiver box has the HD symbol you should be able to access high definition channels where they are being broadcast locally.

For further details on Freeview please visit

Does the length of the aerial make any difference?

This is a common question. We are often asked this by many motorhome and caravan owners who are researching and wanting to buy a directional TV Aerial.

Generally, the greater amount of elements an aerial has, the more it will receive. A high gain aerial has more elements than a standard aerial and will receive more of the incoming signal to provide the best possible picture and number of channels.

This aerial has 14 elements, this would be ok for most instances across the UK.

What happens if I can’t get a signal? Can I boost it?

Absolutely, our TV Aerial booster helps to do just that! Designed specifically for vehicles such as caravans or motorhomes it is small and compact for a neat installation.

Can I have too much signal?

Yes, having too much signal can often result in the same type of problems. Our TV aerial booster has an adjustable gain. This allows a varied gain from 0-19db making it perfect for strong and weak signal areas which is essential if you are travelling to different locations.

What about interference?

Directional aerials have an acceptance angel of around 45- 90 degrees. This means it limits connectivity to that particular area. They are able to reach out further in order to receive a stronger signal. Directional aerials are the best choice when available signals are weak. Directional aerials are also the best option if you have interference problems, reducing interference from other directions.

I can install an aerial myself?

Installing a directional TV aerial is straight forward it can be easily fitted to a leisure vehicle quickly and easily without the need of a professional installer.

Can I use my Directional Terrestrial TV in Europe?

You can, however you won’t be able to receive UK TV channels. You will need a separate receiver box designed for the region you are located in.

Why Maxview?

Maxview have been manufacturing for over 55 years. Above all, we have one aim, ‘to make receiving TV as simple as it can be.’

We also have a friendly customer services team with a wealth of knowledge. So from product selection through to product installation and technical support we are always on hand to help.

In addition, we care passionately about all of our products and our service to you!

Product Highlights

Two Part Aerial

Splits into 2 compact parts for storage and transportation.

Quick Release Clamp

Offers easy assembly and disassembly using locking clamp.

Four Piece Vehicle Side Mast

Complete with Ground Spike and integrated Mast
Adaptor, the Vehicle Side Mast provides a reliable
mounting platform for the aerial using a single
fixing point, without the use of tools.

    • Receives all available digital terrestrial TV signals
    • Designed and tested for outdoor use
    • High quality, durable and robust construction
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK
    • 1 year guarantee
  • Frequency Range: Wideband for UHF TV
    Compatibility: SD, HD, 3D and 4K TV
    Elements: 14
    Signal Strength: Medium
    Gain: 7.3dB
    Front to Back Ratio: 22dB
    Cable Length: 5m
    Boom Specification: 15mm Aluminium:
    Aerial Length: 100cm
    Mast Adaptor Compatibility: Fits 1” mast diameter
    Mast Specification: 1” mast diameter – Aluminium
    Assembled Mast Length: 2.6m


    • Contents below for model C3014/B ONLY
    • Directional Aerial
    • Vehicle Side Mast with Integrated Mast Adaptor
    • Unimax Clamp
    • Unimax Clamp Adhesive Pads
    • Unimax Clamp Fixing Screws
    • Coaxial Cable
    • Coaxial Connector
    • Instructions