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With so many different types of satellite systems to choose from it can be confusing to understand what the best option is for your requirements. Use our Satellite Selector for further assistance.

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Remora Pro Suction Mount Satellite System

The Remora is a portable satellite kit with a dual suction mount designed to receive satellite TV.  The best portable satellite dish for caravans and motorhomes. Wherever your adventure takes you!

The 40cm dish package combines a range of original features, making the system simple and easy to use. See product instructions here.

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The Remora portable system receives satellite signals worldwide with UK and European as standard. 

The Remora uses a high strength suction mount for a quick, secure and temporary fix to most flat vertical surfaces, so this makes this system ideal for a wide range of applications.


It is an ideal portable satellite dish for motorhomes and caravans. As well as providing satellite TV for caravans and motorhomes. It is also a perfect portable satellite dish for trucks. Having TV in your truck can make nights out seem a little less lonely. It would certainly break up the time when you are on very long rest periods.

  • Lightweight 40 cm dish
  • Simple manual operation  
  • High strength suction mount
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 2 year guarantee

  • Remora Satellite System
  • 5m flexible F to F Coaxial Cable
  • Satellite Compass
  • Instructions and Elevation Map
  • Storage Bag

We have been manufacturing for over 55 years. We have one aim, ‘to make receiving TV as simple as it can be’

Because, if you are looking for a portable satellite dish for your motorhome or caravan. Or a portable satellite dish for your truck. We have a specially designed our system for you!

Also an ideal portable satellite dish system for many other applications such as horseboxes and campervans.

The Remora was also the Winner of the Caravan Awards 2020! Best caravan accessory of the year!

Check out our full range of caravan accessories and motorhome accessories.

We also have a portable satellite system which you can set up as a standing tripod outside your vehicle. The Maxview Precision.

Product Highlights

High Strength Dual Suction Mount

Quick, secure & non-permanent fitting to most flat, vertical surfaces.

Easy Set Up

2 part design and catch mechanism simply slots
together in a matter of seconds.

Level Indicator

Aids a quicker, more accurate setup and elevation reading.

Elevation Adjustment

Lets the user easily set the antenna elevation to a
high level of accuracy using the angle guide.

Lightweight Dish and Folding LNB Arm

40cm Aluminium dish results in a lighter product
and even better performance. Folding LNB Arm,
minimises size when not in use. Simply fold down to use.

5m Flexible Cable and Adjustable Cable Routing

Our unique flexible cable makes it easier to route
your satellite receiver. Complete with cable routing
clips for a tidy installation.

    • Two built in quick release levers for easy mount & dismount
    • Simple and intuitive manual operation
    • Single LNB and Twin LNB variants available (for PVR’s, SKY+™ or 2 receivers) or SKY Q
    • Easy adjust manual skew system
    • A comprehensive kit for a complete set up, easy transportation and storage
    • High quality, durable and robust construction
    • Designed and tested for outdoor use
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK
    • 2 year guarantee
  • Compatibility: Transmissions from satellites worldwide (UK/European satellites as standard)
    Satellite Receiver/Integrated TV Required.It is the responsibility
    of the end user to understand any limitation/compatibility of their equipment
    (Receiver/Integrated TV)
    Suitable For: Any smooth vertical surface with clear line of sight including caravans,
    motorhomes, HGV’s, horse boxes, van conversions and many other mobile vehicle applications
    Power: Passive. LNB powered through Coaxial cable from satellite receiver. No separate power
    supply required
    Suction Mount: Dual suction silicone mount suitable for a smooth surface only
    Dish Size: Aluminium 40cm Dish (actual 39 width x 42 height)
    Dish Gain: 32dB
    Dish Acceptance Angle Azimuth: 6° / Elevation 8° (drop out at 77dBuV / AST2 = 84dBuV typical signal)
    Elevation Range: 10° – 50°
    Skew Adjustment: Manual -30° to +30°
    Azimuth Range: 95°
    LNB: Single Universal LO 10.7 – 12.75 or Twin Universal LO 10.7 – 12.75 or SKY Q
    Weight: 1.4kg

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    • Remora Satellite System
    • 5m flexible F to F Coaxial Cable
    • Satellite Compass
    • Instructions with Elevation Map
    • Storage Bag

    portable satellite dish for motorhome
    Remora Pro – Suction Mount Satellite System
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