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Product Summary

The range of Roam extension cables allow the Roam Router to be mounted in a convenient position in your vehicle.
We recommend keeping the cable length to a minimum to reduce signal losses. Our comprehensive range of cable lengths ranges from 1 metre to 5 metres and allows the flexibility to plan your installation to suit your application.


Our Roam Extension SMA Connector cables are renowned for their versatility, durability, and exceptional performance in transmitting high-frequency signals, making them an essential component in leisure vehicle Wi-Fi setups. You can easily swap out or upgrade your Wi-Fi equipment without worrying about connector compatibility issues, which is especially beneficial for those seeking to keep their connectivity options up to date.


These Roam Extension SMA connector cables are prized for their durability, making them well-suited for the rugged environment of leisure vehicles. These cables are often subjected to various environmental factors, including temperature fluctuations, moisture, and vibrations. SMA connectors are constructed with high-quality materials, which not only resist corrosion but also maintain signal integrity under adverse conditions.


This robust design ensures that Wi-Fi signals remain stable and consistent, even when the vehicle is on the move or parked in remote areas.


In addition to durability, our Roam Extension SMA connector cables are known for their exceptional signal transmission capabilities. We recommend keeping the cable length to a minimum to reduce signal loss. Given that Wi-Fi signals operate within the microwave frequency range, it’s essential to minimise signal loss during transmission.


SMA connectors are designed to ensure maximum signal strength. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for leisure vehicle owners who often rely on Wi-Fi connectivity for various purposes, including streaming, work, and navigation. With our Roam Extension SMA connector cables, they can enjoy uninterrupted and high-speed internet access, even in remote or challenging terrains.


Furthermore, SMA connectors come in various sizes and configurations, including SMA male and SMA female connectors, allowing users to customise their Wi-Fi setups according to their specific needs. This flexibility is essential for leisure vehicle owners who may have different equipment requirements or wish to extend the range of their Wi-Fi signal using external antennas.
SMA connectors provide the versatility needed to optimise Wi-Fi performance within the confines of your leisure vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE for the Maxview 5G 4X4 Roam System Models (MXL060) you will require 2 sets.

    • High quality, low loss extension cables with gold plated SMA connectors
    • Designed to extend the cable length of the Roam Antenna
    • PLEASE NOTE for Maxview 5G 4X4 Roam System Models (MXLO60) you will require 2 sets.
    • 1 year guarantee
  • Connectors: SMA
    Construction:/span> Multi-strand High Quality Low Loss Cable
    Impedance: 50 ohm
    Cable Diameter: 4.8 mm
    Cable Lengths Available: 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m


    • 2 x Extension Cables

    Roam SMA Connector Cables
    Roam Extension SMA Connector Cables (x2)
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