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Motorhome WiFi Caravan WiFi Campervan WiFi – Maxview Roam

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Motorhome WiFi
Motorhome WiFi Caravan WiFi Campervan WiFi – Maxview Roam

It is your responsibility to understand any limitations/compatibility of your equipment (receiver/integrated TV) with our satellite systems. Please ensure this is checked before proceeding with your order. Our buyers guide above will help you with any questions you may have.

Stay Connected wherever your adventure takes you!

Introducing the Maxview Roam, a mobile internet solution providing WiFi for motorhomes, caravans, campervans and for any vehicle on the move!

You’re parked in remote area, and you have a weak WiFi connection. As a result you feel annoyed as you are unable to do your usual day-to-day things.

This is where the Maxview Roam comes in, it provides a secure and reliable internet hotspot, perfect for providing motorhome WiFi, caravan WiFi and internet for all travelling vehicles.

What does it do?

The Maxview Roam provides a reliable and secure WiFi hotspot for your vehicle. It does this using a router, an antenna and a SIM card to create your own WiFi network to connect to.

Whether it’s holidays on the coast or travelling in the mountains, the Roam will provide your motorhome WiFi, caravan WiFi or campervan WiFi wherever you are.

Who is it for?

The Roam 3G/4G WiFi product is for adventurers who want to stay connected when in remote areas. The system provides internet so you can connect phones, TVs, laptops or any other internet device.

What are the main technical details I need to know?

  • Firstly, the router receives 3G or 4G and turns it into a WiFi hotspot. Secondly, the router can also connect to other WiFi sources so you only use your 3G or 4G when necessary
  • The antenna boosts the strength of the signal in remote, low-signal areas so you never lose connection
  • The antenna is omni-directional, meaning you don’t need to direct it
  • The router has 2 ethernet ports if required to plug in any device

Will it work in Europe?

You can receive internet in Europe however you may need to change your SIM card depending on the location and plan that you have.

What are the contents of the Maxview Roam Kit?

  • 3G, 4G and 5G Ready omni-directional roof mount antenna and Fixings
  • Cable with SMA connectors, so you can connect the antenna and the router
  • 3G and 4G WiFi Router
  • 12V Cigarette Power Supply
  • Router Mounting Bracket and Fixing Kit
  • Ethernet Cable

What about 5G Connectivity?

Our Antenna is 5G ready for when this new technology arrives.

Final Word

In conclusion, we understand the frustration of being disconnected, so we strongly believe our customers should have strong and consistent WiFi in their motorhome, caravan, campervan or any mobile vehicle.

Product Highlights

The Router

Our powerful router receives 3G/4G and turns these
into a secure Wi-Fi hotspot. As a secondary source,
the router can also be set up to receive Wi-Fi. This
means 3G/4G data is only used when necessary.

Powerful Antenna

Our powerful 3G/4G Antenna has been designed
specifically for vehicles and optimised to work in
rural and remote locations. Our Antenna is
now compatible with all 5G frequency bands
as standard. See 5G Ready Tab below for details.


By receiving signals throughout 360 degrees, the
Roam requires no manual directional adjustment;
simply fit and forget.

Sleek Antenna Design

Low profile and streamline design for roof
mounting; occupies minimal roof space, for a discreet
installation. It can be mounted in almost any
position with mounting options available. Dimensions
A: 65mm x B: 196mm ø.

Plug and Play Router

Specifically designed for your vehicle, it
features a durable Aluminium housing
with unique anti vibration mounting bracket.
Its compact size and cupboard mounting bracket
ensures a neat installation.
See below for sizes displayed.

Suitable for European Travel

The Roam has been optimised to work across the UK
and Europe, for internet connectivity wherever your
adventure takes you. (Variants available to work
Worldwide, contact us at [email protected])

    • Static and Mobile Connectivity – Providing connectivity when stationary and whilst on the move.
    • With free App control! – Provides simplified use of key features. Available on iOS or Android.
    • Factory Unlocked for any SIM – The router is designed to work with any data service provider, alongside your choice of Data SIM, so you can use whatever network works best for you.
    • Suitable for Elevated Roof Installations – Independent performance testing confirms the antenna works effectively on elevated roofs. Although horizontal installations provide maximum performance.
    • Secure Internet Browsing – Uses advanced password encryption methods to ensure your internet connection remains secure.
    • Family Friendly Browsing – Bespoke website blacklist filters can be set up to block unwanted websites.
    • Powered by Teltonika – We are proud to have formed a partnership with Teltonika to bring you the powerful Roam router.
    • Simple Installation – Self-adhesive pad and clamp provides quick and easy permanent through the roof installation. Once installed simply plug and play.
    • Devices – Connect up to 50 devices at any one time, including Smart TV’s, Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops
    • Power Options – Includes 12V automotive cigarette power supply or can be powered using 230V mains power supply (sold separately)
    • Connectivity – Can be wired using the 1.5m Ethernet cable providing a permanent connection directly to a device. Ideal for Smart TV’s
    • Reliable Data Transfer – 0.8metre Cable with twist on (SMA) connectors as standard
    • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting support
    • Very easy set up
    • 1 year guarantee
      • *5G is a term we are becoming increasingly familiar with, as mobile service providers continue to roll out the technology.

        At present, 5G is primarily designed to facilitate advanced applications beyond that of our mobile phones and 5G remains largely limited to built up urban areas, due to the short wavelength frequencies that it currently uses. For these reasons, the benefits of 5G to our customers remain limited. That said, as we continue to monitor the 5G roll out, the infrastructure continues to grow and there is discussion surrounding the use of longer wavelength 5G, which will ultimately result in a more accessible 5G network.

        Although the benefits are not quite there yet, there is little doubt that 5G coverage will continue to increase and will provide benefits to our customers in years to come, perhaps even in more rural locations. For this reason, we have integrated 5G capabilities into our antenna as standard to ensure our customers are futureproofed. This means, when the 5G network can benefit our customers, you can rest assured that the Roam antenna is fully compatible.

        This applies to all antennas manufactured after January 2021. A 5G router and SIM plan will be required to receive 5G connectivity.

        • The Roam is designed to work with any data service provider so you are free to use whatever network works best for you! You can use your provider if you already have one in place alternatively if you are choosing a network provider for your Roam it’s worth considering coverage for intended travel alongside the best deals and usage.

          If you travel to Scotland, EE’s coverage is regarded superior, whilst Vodafone proves popular for those travelling into Europe. The Three network is generally considered to offer competitive deals. Please check limitations of your network provider and Data SIM, especially when travelling abroad, the number of days abroad, usage and restrictions and roaming charges. It is always a good idea, when travelling abroad to carry a spare SIM which doesn’t have a shelf life or expire if not used.

        • For further details on the SIM Data Package we can provide please click here
      • Type: Omnidirectional MIMO (multiple in multiple out)
        Frequency/Gain: 698-6000 MHz/5.9dBi -8.8dBi Includes all 3G, 4G and 5G frequencies
        Connector: Type: SMA
        Impedance: 50 Ohm
        Power: Passive
        Cable Lengths: 0.8 metres (cables extensions available separately)
        Housing: Aluminium Base: UV Stable ASA Cover
        Dimensions: 196mm (diameter), 65mm (height)
        Weight: 500g
        Mounting Accessories: Yes
        Disclaimer: Services subject to country and local contract
        Type: 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
        3G/4G Antenna Connector: 2 x SMA
        Ethernet Ports: 2 x RJ45 (WAN and LAN)
        Connection Devices: Up to 50
        Antennas: 1 x 3G/4G (for external roof mount antenna) 1 x Wi-Fi (for internal whip antenna)
        Power: 9-30 VDC (Reverse Polarity Protection) 12V Automotive Power Supply Included, 1.5m Lead Length 2 Amp Fused Input
        Power Consumption: 0.4A
        Family Browsing: Yes, blacklists and whitelists
        Remote Diagnostics: Yes
        SIM: Unlocked
        Housing: Aluminium
        Dimensions: A: H83mm x B: W74mm x C: D25mm
        Weight: 125g


        • Omnidirectional Roof Mount Antenna and Fixings
        • 0.8 metre Cable with SMA connectors
        • 3G/4G/WiFi Router
        • 12V Cigarette Power Supply
        • Router Mounting Bracket and Fixing Kit
        • 1.5m Ethernet Cable
        • Internal Wi-Fi Antenna
        • Instructions