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Satellite Finder


It is your responsibility to understand any limitations/compatibility of your equipment (receiver/integrated TV) with our satellite systems. Please ensure this is checked before proceeding with your order. Our buyers guide above will help you with any questions you may have.

Product Summary

The Satellite Finder aids the dish alignment process when using a manual satellite system, providing audio and visual indication of signal strength and proximity to satellites.

Product Highlights

Signal Finder

Provides audio and visual indication of signal
strength and proximity to satellites using an audio
tone and ascending LED lights. This overcomes
the need to view a TV during the alignment process.

Satellite Finder Adjustment

Enables fine tuning to maximise signal strength
and achieve prefect alignment.

Includes F to F Cable

    • High quality, durable and robust construction
    • Designed in the UK
    • 1 year guarantee
    • Note: The Sat Finder unit is not weatherproof or for permanent outdoor use.
  • Compatibility: Transmissions from all satellites worldwide. Compatible with integrated TV’s, SD/HD free-to-air satellite receivers including SKY™
    Power: Passive. Powered through Coaxial cable from satellite receiver
    Colour: Chrome
    Product Dimensions: H:48 x W:40 x D:84mm


    • Sat Finder Unit
    • 0.2m F to F Coaxial Flylead
    • Instructions