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It is your responsibility to understand any limitations/compatibility of your equipment (receiver/integrated TV) with our satellite systems. Please ensure this is checked before proceeding with your order. Our buyers guide above will help you with any questions you may have.

Product Summary

Quality Wide Band 10.41 GHz LNB that can be used with Sky Q™ receivers and can be retro fitted to a 40mm diameter LNB holder.
Can be used to covert a Manual Maxview Satellite System to become SKY Q™ compatible.

    • Wide Band LNB – High quality Wide Band LNB to work with a SKY Q™ Receiver
      40mm Collar – The 40mm diameter collar allows fitment to most standard LNB holders
    • Compatible with SKY Q™ Receiver
    • 40mm Collar
    • Compatible with Maxview Crank Up, Precision, Remora and most older manual
    • Not compatible with any Maxview Automatic Satellite systems (Target, Seeker, Connect)
    • *Please check with Maxview customer services for compatibility with your system
  • Mount Type: 40mm collar for most standard LNB Holders (not compatible for Domestic Household SKY™ Dishes)
    Power: Passive. LNB powered through Coaxial cable from satellite receiver. No separate power supply required
    LO: 10.41 GHz
    Input Frequency: 10.7 -12.75 GHz
    Noise Figure: 0.1dB Max


    • Wide Band LNB