Should I buy a fixed roof mount or a portable satellite system?

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Comparison Guide

Should I buy a fixed roof mount satellite system or a portable satellite system?

With so many different types of satellite systems to choose from it can be confusing to understand what the best option is for your requirements. However, with this simple comparison guide we aim to help you make this decision a little more easier and transparent.

Although our range is extensive, each system is designed to fulfil a specific customers need, vehicle type and budget.

We have highlighted below all the key features, functions and constraints each installation type offers the user.

Roof Mount Satellite Systems

• Convenience, no unpacking or packing system up every time you park on site

• Fully automatic models can search for your channels at the touch of a button

• Manual systems can be adjusted inside vehicle when required

• Greater choice of satellite dish size from 55cm up to 85cm. (please see our dish size guide for further details)

• Safe, secure and out of reach for added peace of mind

• Located higher up for optimum chance of locking onto desired satellite

• Professional installation

• Although securely fixed to your roof, they can be professionally moved from one vehicle to another

• Manual (self-align) models are available

• Un-obtrusive, dish folds away neatly on travel or when not in use

• Ideally suited for motorhomes, caravans, horseboxes and narrowboats and canal boats.

• Costs range from £549.99 (for a manual) up to £2,395.00 (fully automatic)

• Our roof mount satellite system range includes:
Crank Up

Portable Satellite Systems

• Ideal if you have limited space on your vehicle roof

• Lower set up cost, ideal for smaller budgets

• No permanent installation required

• Dish sizes from 40cm to 75cm (please see our dish size guide for further details)

• Some set up and assembly required on manual systems

• Consider stowage of system when not in use Systems will need to be positioned correctly within the constraints of your pitch to lock onto the desired satellite

• More versatile than Roof Mounted systems including motorhomes, caravans, campervans, boats, Trucks/HGV and Horse box applications

• Costs from £119.99 to £384.99

• Our portable systems range include:
Remora Pro
Precision I.D
Precision Waterways

We care passionately about our products and want our customers to enjoy them too. Whichever system you may choose you will receive free lifetime software updates and full customer care through the life cycle of your product.

If you need a little help choosing the perfect system, we have a Roof Mount Guide and a Portable System Guide. These will help you identify your need allowing the perfect system for YOU!!! Click here.