What Size Satellite Dish Size Do I Need?

satellite dish size

What Satellite Dish Size do I Need?

This can be simply answered, because the satellite dish size you need depends on where you are planning to travel. It is also good to consider any holidays or travel you may have in the future.  

We offer dishes starting at a 40cm diameter to an 85cm diameter. So it’s not surprising that many customers are confused. It can also seem scary when you are looking to purchase a satellite system for the first time. So we have put together this simple leaflet to explain.

The dish satellite size determines the geographic area from which you can receive your desired satellite. This area is known as the satellites ‘footprint’.

For quick answer on which satellite dish suits your needs, answer 5 questions on our Satellite Selector

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Satellite Footprint Dish Size

A footprint is the area in which a broadcast signal from a particular satellite can be received.

The general rule is: The larger the dish size, the greater the geographic area or ‘footprint’ from which you should receive satellite TV.

For UK channels (which allows you to receive typical channels BBC, ITV, CHANNEL 4 ETC), we require the Astra 2 satellite.

With reference to the diagram below, here is a quick break down of our satellite footprint dish sizes to receive ASTRA 2

Please note: This footprint map has been created for general guidance only.

satellite footprint dish size

For the UK any of our systems will receive all the channels available from your satellite receiver.

A 40cm or 55cm satellite dish will give you sufficient coverage for the UK and the fringes of Northern France (with the 55cm only). So if you don’t want to travel into Europe you won’t want a bigger dish than a 55cm.

A 65cm satellite dish offers coverage into the middle of France.

A 75cm satellite dish will offer coverage across most of France.

And an 85cm satellite dish will offer coverage approaching the French Spanish border or further with an Automatic Skew LNB fitted. To find out more about the benefits of automatic skew LNB’s please click here

Once you are out of this footprint you will still be able to lock onto Astra 2. But receive a more basic range of channels. There is a range of additional satellites to choose from, offering European TV and some UK channels, including Astra 1 and Hotbird amongst others. For a guide on other footprint maps that are available please click here.

Which Satellite System is Best for me?

To discover which satellite system will give you the best satellite TV solution for your requirement and budget. Please see our satellite guides

We have a range of Satellite Systems for every location and budget. Providing you with a system that will quickly and easily lock onto the satellite. Then, when you arrive on site you can get your favourite programmes and many more! Best of all you can receive all mainstream UK TV channels. Including BBC and ITV when you travel into parts of Europe once you have the correct dish size and receiver. 

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