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Campervan Satellite Dish

Watch Your Favourite Programmes With a Campervan Satellite Dish or TV Aerial

There’s nothing quite like a trip away, whether across the country, or a single night away in your campervan or van conversion. And while van life is supposed to be time with nature and away from screens, nothing beats a little time to unwind in the evening with your favourite television shows.

There are many ways to get satellite TV or terrestrial TV (Freeview) for your Van or Campervan. This blog will provide you with several solutions to watch TV so you don’t miss your favourite programmes.

Satellite TV vs Terrestrial TV (Freeview)

Firstly it’s important to identify the differences between Satellite TV and Terrestrial TV and what they mean for you. Click here for our guide

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How do I get Freeview TV in my Campervan or Van Conversion?

Freeview TV is a simple cost effective way in which to watch TV in your campervan. But how does it work?

When choosing a TV aerial for your campervan or van conversion. You need to consider the differences between a directional aerial and an omni directional aerial and what those differences mean for your van and travelling requirements.

An omni directional aerial is ideal for campervan use. It receives all the available signals throughout 360 degrees without adjustments.

Directional aerials have an acceptance angel of around 45- 90 degrees. This means the aerial would need to be adjusted to that particular area. They are able to reach out further in order to receive a stronger signal. Directional aerials are the best choice when available signals are weak. Directional aerials are also the best option if you have interference problems, reducing interference from other directions.

In addition, you will require a TV with integrated Freeview, or separate Freeview Box (if your TV hasn’t got one integrated) to enable you to watch digital terrestrial TV.

Most TV’s do now come with an integrated Freeview as standard. Please make sure it’s  “Freeview” compatible and not “Freesat”. Freesat is for use with a satellite system installation.

The Maxview Gazelle TV aerial (shown below) and Maxview Omnimax TV aerial are perfect for van and campervan use. A competent DIYer could install these, however professional installation is recommended. Find a professional installer here.

Caravan Aerial

How do I get Satellite TV in my Campervan or Van Conversion?

If you prefer satellite TV, then we’ve got you covered, too.

There are two van and campervan satellite dish options: Roof-mounted satellite systems or portable satellite systems.

Typically, roof-mounted systems are automatic – they’re super easy to use. For example, press a button and the fully automatic Maxview Target starts searching and locks onto your chosen satellite. Once again, if you choose a Maxview campervan satellite system, it is always recommend to be fitted by a professional installer. Find a professional installer here.

As an alternative to a permanently fitted system there are also portable satellite dish systems available suitable for van life, including:

1. The Maxview Precision

2. The Maxview Remora Pro

We will now provide you with a little info on each of these portable satellite dishes below.

Maxview Precision – Most Popular Campervan Satellite Dish

The Maxview Precision is an excellent alternative to a fitted system.

The Precision is manual satellite system designed to simplify the alignment process for effortless use. Easy to assemble and set up using the specifically designed tripod and integrated Sat Finder.

The Precision satellite dish system also comes with two storage bags. These allows it to be packed away safely for easy transportation and compact storage.

There is a 55cm dish available for coverage in the UK. However, larger dish sizes are required if you’re travelling abroad. For example a 65cm dish offers coverage into the middle of France, whilst a 75cm dish will offer coverage further across France. Please see here for further information on dish sizes.

Because let’s face it: who doesn’t love a trip to France in their camper or van. Talk about the ultimate weekend away!! 

Maxview Remora Pro

The Remora Pro finally, another portable van life and campervan satellite dish is the Maxview Remora Pro.

The Remora Pro is a portable satellite kit with a unique dual suction mount which can be attached to a flat surface of your van or campervan. It offers a range of innovative features to simplify the set up for a quick and easy installation.

Just like the Precision, you’ll need to manually find the satellite signal, which is easily found using the compass provided.

portable satellite dish for motorhome

End of the road.

Connecting your campervan or van to receive satellite TV or terrestrial TV has never been easier, thanks to a full range of Maxview products. So, whichever option you choose, there’s a range of products available to suit your application.

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