Satellite TV vs Terrestrial TV whilst travelling on holiday

Satellite TV vs Terrestrial TV whilst travelling on holiday

Because of the digital switchover, way back in 2009 reception has improved in most areas of the UK. This however is not so true in remote, hilly locations around the UK, especially in the North of Scotland/Highlands.

The main difference with digital TV is that the signal is either available or not. TV programmes can no longer be viewed through a snow storm of interference. In addition, you may not be able to receive all the channels that are being broadcast from the local transmitter.

With such inconsistencies in reception, especially if you travel to different locations each time you go away on holiday. Many people are choosing satellite TV which offers a more reliable signal.

With a clear view of the South Easterly sky, a perfect digital signal is available all of the time throughout the UK with a satellite system. You will have consistent access to all TV channels, all of the time. Unlike with terrestrial TV, where it can be hit and miss in some locations. In addition you will have greater choice on TV channel broadcasters as listed below.

UK TV channels in Europe

European travel is the most popular reason why people decide to invest in a satellite system. With the correct equipment, all mainstream UK TV channels, including BBC and ITV channels can be received in parts of Europe. Therefore, is ultimately the biggest benefit of using satellite TV over terrestrial TV. With a terrestrial TV Aerial you will need to purchase a digital receiver box to suit the location you are travelling in Europe to receive available Europe TV channels, which are typically not English speaking TV channels. It may also be limited in the number of channels available.

In Summary

We have created a simple list of the main features and benefits of each option. However, ultimately it’s about the best method for you…

1. Where you are going on holiday?
2. What do you want to watch?
3. How much do you want to spend?

Why choose Terrestrial TV?

• If you only travel in the UK, then a TV Aerial solution will be sufficient in the vast majority of locations.

• Lower set up costs involved. Complete set up (aerial and mount) for less than £40 and no monthly subscription.

• Receive all Freeview/HD channels as you would normally at home

• DIY installation which again is a cheaper option.

We have further useful guides available to help
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Why choose Satellite TV?

• Guaranteed to receive all channels available without any picture break up. (Subject to correct set up).

• Ideal for travellers who often venture into Europe and would like to keep up to date and watch their latest UK programmes on their travels in Europe.

• Greater choice of TV channels and TV providers. With the correct satellite system set up you can watch either, Freesat, Free To Air, Sky +, Sky HD and SKYQ™

Useful Guides to Satellite TV available
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Why Maxview?

Firstly, Maxview have been manufacturing for over 55 years. We have one aim, ‘to make receiving TV as simple as it can be’

Importantly, we care passionately about our products and want our customers to enjoy them too. Because when you buy a product from us, we don’t want your journey to end there. You will receive full customer care through the life cycle of your product.

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