SKY Q™ compatible Satellite Systems product range


Looking to watch Sky Q™ in a Caravan or Motorhome?

At Maxview we know some of our customers choose to take their SKY™ Box away with them on their adventures allowing SKY™ TV on their travels.

Below are a list of Maxview satellite systems that are all SKY™ Q compatible.

Additional more detailed SKY Q™ information can be found on our guide by clicking here.

If you are confused about which satellite system is best for you, you can answer a few questions on our Satellite Selector and we will provide the answer for you, according to your needs.

SKY Q Overview

The release of Sky Q™ back in 2016 has been causing our customers viewing issues as a result of the compatibility of the Sky Q™ receiver and the Satellite System. Sky Q™ is different from any previous editions of SKY TV™ (Sky +, Sky HD etc.) in the way the system receives the TV signal. Sky Q™ requires unique parts for connection from the cable to satellite dish.

You will need a Sky Q™ Satellite System along with your Sky Q™ receiver if you want Sky Q™ TV*.

*Sky Q™ Satellite System variants can only be used in conjunction with Sky Q™ receivers.


Wanting to use Sky Q™ and another type of receiver (E.g Free To Air)?

If you wish to use any combination of a Sky Q™ receiver or FTA receiver you will require a Connect or Target System fitted with the Sky Q™ and Free To Air LNB (FTA) option**.

**Please note: Sky Q™ and FTA options are not currently available on Seeker models, Auto Skew variants, Crank Up, Remora Pro or VuQube systems.

Terms & Conditions. It is the responsibility of the end user to understand the contractual agreement between themselves and Sky™ & any limitations of equipment this may have. In no event shall Maxview be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages pertaining to this article.

Already have a Maxview system then you maybe able to upgrade your LNB!