Can I watch SKY Q in my caravan or motorhome?

Sky Q

Can I watch SKY Q in my motorhome or caravan?

We know some of our customers choose to take their SKY™ box away with them on their adventures allowing them to watch SKY™ on their holiday. Sky Q™ is broadcast very differently from SKY + and SKY HD and requires a compatible LNB (see our LNB guide)

We have created some useful information to help our customers understand what they need to be able to watch SKY Q™ whilst on holiday.

It is the responsibility of the end user to understand the contractual agreement between themselves and SKY™ and any limitation of equipment this may have. In no event will Maxview be liable or any indirect, incidental or consequential damages.

Confused about which satellite system you need for your caravan or motorhome? Answer 5 questions and our Satellite Selector will give you an answer that suits your needs.

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What satellite equipment do I need to receive SKY Q™ TV on my holiday?

To receive SKY Q™ on your holiday you will need the following equipment.

1. Your main SKY Q™ receiver with an active package

2. A Roof Mount Satellite System or a Portable Satellite System which is compatible with SKY Q™ (as listed below)

3. And of course, a TV

If you already have one of our satellite systems you may be able to upgrade the system to be SKY Q™ compatible, dependent on the model. For further details on how to upgrade your system please contact our customer service department on 01553 811000 or email [email protected]

We offer a range of satellite systems which are SKY Q™ compatible.

Our roof mount satellite system range includes:

Our portable systems range include:

LNB Replacements

To upgrade an existing Maxview Product so it is SKY Q compatible


Do I need a SKY Q™ subscription?

You will need a SKY Q™ subscription to access all the TV channels you would normally receive at home. You won’t need a separate subscription for your holiday.

What SKY Q™ channels can I watch?

You would receive all the same TV channels as you would at home, providing you are within the ASTRA 2 satellite footprint. For more information on satellite footprints please click here.

What are the differences between Maxview SKY Q™LNB only system and SKY Q™ & FTA (Free to Air) LNB  system?

SKY Q only

If you only ever want to use a SKY Q™ receiver, then a ‘SKY Q™ only’ system is ideal for your requirements. It will allow you to watch SKY Q™ channels but wouldn’t be compatible if you wanted to change your receiver at any time.

If you are not sure what you may want to watch in the future, then we recommend the SKY Q™ & FTA (Free To Air) option below, which give you less commitment and more freedom.

SKY Q™ & FTA (Free To Air) option

This has dual function and most popular choice. This option gives the user 2 options of receivers they can use, both SKY Q™ & FTA (Free To Air). For more information on satellite receivers please click here.

What is the satellite coverage footprint map of SKY Q™?

Footprint map to support) – ASTRA 2 Europe KU Band. Also coverage will be dependent on size of satellite dish you have (55/65/75/85cm). For a guide on satellite dish size please click here. 

See below for footprint map.

Can I watch SKY Q™ in Europe?

Yes, but in which areas and how far into Europe you can receive SKY Q™ TV channels will be dependent on what size satellite dish you have on your system, for more details on satellite dish sizes see link above.

Can I upgrade my existing Maxview satellite system which hasn’t got a SKY Q™ LNB? –

In most cases yes, however this will be dependent on model you currently have .

We offer LNB upgrade kits on most of the following models of Maxview systems. Target, Seeker, Crank Up, Precision, Remora Pro.

Our friendly customer services team has a wealth of knowledge. So should you need and assistance from product selection through to product installation or technical support we are always on hand to help.

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