Software Updates


Please join our software update database for an instant email message if a future update is ever required.
(Applicable to owners of Seeker or Target systems only).


The Maxview Automatic Satellite systems use the data broadcast by the Satellite providers to identify the correct Satellite and allow the system to lock on to your chosen satellite successfully. Unfortunately from time to time the providers make data changes which are out of Maxview’s control and this may affect the function of your Maxview system to lock onto the desired Satellite. Maxview monitors this situation and we will always offer free lifetime software support. Therefore in such an event you can rest assured you will be able to update your automatic satellite system for continued trouble free viewing. We have made this process easy with the USB update system on the Target and Seeker Satellite systems.

Please ensure that the size of your USB stick is no larger than 32GB to format the update correctly.

Do I require a software update?

The latest software changes are listed below. Therefore in the event that your Satellite system has a problem locking onto a chosen Satellite we recommend you check here first just in case it is a change in Satellite data causing the viewing issue.

How do I update the software?

It is a very simple process to update your system. Please ensure you view or download the update instructions before attempting an update. These can be found below.

Latest Software Updates – Last Updated 12th September 2023

Target, Seeker and Connect systems

The default Satellites on the Seeker and Target systems are as per below:

Seeker Update List of Satellites – Astra 19, Astra 28, Astra 23, Hotbird, Thor, Eutelsat 5W, Intelsat 901, Astra 5E, Eutelsat 9E, Turksat.

Target Update List of Satellites – Astra 19, Astra 28, Astra 23, Hotbird, Thor.

For Sky Q systems and Sky Q updates, please contact us:

Phone: 01553 811000

Email: [email protected]

Part No.: MXL028

For latest Connect software updates please go to your Maxview Connect Phone App.