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Truck WiFi

Stay Connected with WiFi in your Truck

The internet has fast become a necessity to our daily lives. It’s not surprising why Truck WiFi would be so important.

Trucks are like homes for many truckers so truck WiFi can make nights out seem a little less lonely. It would certainly break up the time, watching a film or your favourite Netflix series, especially when you are on breaks and very long rest periods.

Most importantly, truck internet can make communication much easier, keeping timely traffic and weather updates and keeping connected with the family at home is invaluable for any long distance driver.

Advanced technology has made the internet possible for truckers. There are various options, and you can choose whatever works for you.

So, how do you get Truck internet?

Here are the ways the truck drivers can access the internet while on the road, from your mobile phone to the popular Maxview Roam WiFi kit – here’s what you need to know.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone, so for truck drivers to get the internet, the most common solution is to use a phone’s mobile hotspot. It can take out the hassle of finding WiFi in truck stops or public spaces, which let’s face it isn’t easy in a large truck out of hours!! This is any easy method to use, but does come with potential issues to consider.

• Truck stop WiFi is can be unreliable and is not always secure

• Internet from the truck stops can be loaded other truckers

• Signal can be weak and can also depend on parking

• WiFi hotspots from your phone are more likely to be data-capped and can be extremely costly of you go over your allowance.

• WiFi hotspots from your phone are more likely to drain batteries and lack Ethernet connection for highest-speed

An installed wireless router can benefit truckers more than a mobile hotspot. This is because most wireless routers are also compatible with booster antennas and can offer less expensive data plans from multiple carriers which can make them a more flexible solution truckers.

Maxview Roam Truck WiFi Solution

The most popular truck internet solution is the Maxview Roam. The Roam uses a powerful antenna and a 4G router which provides your Truck Wifi. Maxview’s Roam kit helps you to get better internet in two ways.

• Firstly the Roam uses 3G or 4G mobile data in order to create a reliable WiFi hotspot. By using the antenna it can often pick up usable signals where your phone can’t.

• Secondly where a direct WiFi source is available the Roam can be used to connect to an existing WiFi hotspot. Ensuring data is only used when necessary.

The Roam provides connectivity when stationary and on the move which more stable than a phone hotspot.

In addition the Roam is secure and offers Ethernet ports which allows connectivity to laptops and TV’s.

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MiFi for Trucks

Many people are familiar with MiFi – the wireless router that acts as a hotspot for your mobile phone. And while it is a step up from hot spotting your phone directly, there are still several disadvantages, similar to the same disadvantages from hotspotting.

In summary

Wireless internet can be a lifeline for truckers spending time away, their cabs become a home from home so it’s vital for them to keep connected with their families through video calls and chat via social media.

There are many different ways to get Truck internet. However, many of these options can be unreliable and insecure.

The Maxview Roam is by far the best 4G WiFi router for your Truck, providing you with a strong and reliable signal, no worries about battery life, a companion app to help manage APN configuration, and much, much more!

Take a look at the Maxview Roam today – the best solution for connecting your Truck to the internet.

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