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With so many different types of satellite systems to choose from it can be confusing to understand what the best option is for your requirements. Use our Satellite Selector for further assistance.

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Digital TV Signal Finder
Digital TV Signal Finder


It is your responsibility to understand any limitations/compatibility of your equipment (receiver/integrated TV) with our satellite systems. Please ensure this is checked before proceeding with your order. 

What does the TV Signal Finder do?

Our Digital TV signal finder helps to do just that! When you are setting up your aerial it will help you to receive the best terrestrial digital/HD reception available. The TV signal finder easily locates the signal to ensure a quick and stress free set up of your aerial. So you can sit back and enjoy your favourite programmes.

The signal finder is perfect when installing an aerial in your home.

It can also be essential if you are travelling to different locations. For instance, caravan and motorhome users would need to align their TV aerial in each location.

Without a digital TV signal finder you can sometimes find a rough position that you can get a picture. Often you can copy the direction of your neighbour’s aerial. However, when looking for a digital signal, using this method would often result in your picture breaking up and freezing. The signal finder makes it much easier to accurately adjust for maximum signal.

Who is the TV Signal Finder for?

Anyone that needs to align a TV Aerial. It can be used in the home or when you travel in your caravan or motorhome.  

It can be used with our leisure TV Aerials, for example the Mobile TV Aerial Kit – 20 Element Log.

Main Details

  • Receives all TV signals
  • Simply connect to a directional aerial
  • Adjustable gain which enables fine tuning to maximise signal strength and
    achieve perfect aerial alignment
  • Battery included
  • LED lights offer visual feedback for signal strength
  • High quality
  • 1 year guarantee

What are the contents?

  • The Digital TV Signal Finder
  • 2 x Female F Coaxial Adaptors
  • Mounting Pads
  • Battery
  • Instructions

Why Maxview?

We have been manufacturing for over 55 years. Above all, we have one aim, ‘to make receiving TV as simple as it can be.’

We also have a friendly customer services team with a wealth of knowledge. So from product selection through to product installation and technical support we are always on hand to help.

In addition, we care passionately about all of our products and our service to you!

Product Highlights

Signal Strength Feedback

Ascending LED lights offer visual feedback on signal
strength by assisting the user in locating a transmitter.

Battery Powered Operation

Can be used without a connection to the TV or receiver,
prior to completing a channel scan.

Signal Finder Adjustment

Enables fine tuning to maximise signal strength and
achieve perfect aerial alignment.

    • Simply connect to a directional aerial using a coaxial cable
    • Receives all available digital terrestrial TV signals
    • High quality, durable and robust construction
    • 1 year guarantee
  • Compatibility: Digital TV
    Frequency Range: Omnimax and Omnimax Pro
    Power Requirement: 5V dc 40mA
    Power Supply: 1. 9V PP3 battery (included), 2. 5-12V external power supply (not included), 3. Passive (can be powered in line through a TV/receiver)
    Colour: Black
    Product Dimensions: H:89 x W:80 x D:32mm


    • Digital TV Signal Finder
    • 2 x Female F Coaxial Adaptors
    • Velcro Mounting Pads
    • PP3 Battery
    • Instructions